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Georgia Aquarium

Thursday, July 3, 2008 0 comments

Georgia Aquarium

Ms.Divine's Thoughts;

Before attending the Georgia Aquarium, I had a my own vision of what the experience was going to be. From what I had seen on the commercials I thought I would be walking into a large bubble. I have been a lover of fish for years and admire their beauty.

Purchasing the tickets; the amount was $150.00 for the Premium Pass for six people and it was a HOT Memorial Day weekend.

The customer service was great upon entering, I checked in and my scheduled time was for 2 o'clock. The young man at explained that I would have to come back and thirty-minutes. I proceeded to leave then was stopped by the Aquarium personnel to come back. The young man apologized and and brought me and my party back through.

We took our (free)picture that we never received via email and proceeded in. As we walked into the courtyard we just admired the view of the mass of people in swarms in every direction. First stop Ocean Voyager. This where you visit the Whale Sharks, Sting Rays and thousands of other sea creatures.

Well, when you first enter you have viewing windows. Inch by inch you step to get somewhere close to this window. People were packed with camera's and children with pressed faces against the glass. You practically had to elbow your way in because no one was being courteous that their were others waiting. People literally were trying to film five-minutes worth of water in "hope" to see something marvelous. Not to mention a few kids i saw that thought they were laying down in the viewing window as if they were at the beach. Very unfair, my children only got to see people's "butt's". I am only 5'2 and it wasn't much I could do. Very frustrating.

So we move on to the second viewing window after about another ten minutes of just "Excuse me please" and we make our way to the tunnel (star attraction). As soon as I get a foot in everyone, including myself is snapping pictures and elbowing each other trying to get a professional shot. When I finally get some breathing room after five steps the crowd was being pushed onto the other end and OUT?? Wow! The tunnel is looks on t.v. to be a whole room, half a stadium maybe. On the website is states 61feet wide...Ok I guess.

Moving on we took pictures in more small windows that are apart of this exhibit. Must have not been a good day for the fish, seems like they were under rocks...The viewing I enjoyed was with the tour guide and seating as if you were in a theater. Large..Large view to capture the moment.We went on to visit the Otters which were very cute, penguins, and other sea creatures.By the time we found out they they had a playground and exhibits just for children the kids were like forget it! Nothing to rave about I probably could of saw them at the zoo. I wanted to see F.I.S.H!

Now 2pm its time for our 4D movie YEEEES! We had some brief comical history about fish and we proceeded in the theater One of personnel said to sit upfront so you can enjoy but watch your hair "Hint,Hint"

The cartoon movie was very informative and amusing. Love the actors! I wont tell what happened but it will Surprise you! Well done....wish it lasted more than thirty-minutes. We stayed for a few more hours and then we decided grab a bite to eat when we saw hot dogs for $3.50 and not Ballpark??? Golden Coral it is...

My overall opinion of the aquarium is not as it's cracked up to be. Changes need to be made to accommodate large crowds and the Ocean Explorer needs to be expanded. We want Fish! The other exhibits were nice as well.

My overall feeling of the Georgia Aquarium I rate a (7) and that its very over rated. Might feel like a low blow but that's my honest opinion. The other exhibits I feel is just a way to "take up space" When "I" think Aquarium I imagine I'm going into the Pacific Ocean..above ground. Not to mention the ticket prices (children's). I hope they make some minor changes eventually, but that weekend I know the revenue was in the millions for just that day I went.

Everyone will experience something different so judge for your self..

Georgia Aquarium
225 Baker Street
Atlanta, GA 30313

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