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How to Create a Romantic Evening for Two

Thursday, January 8, 2009 0 comments

Valentines Day is drawing near! It's time to prepare for that special night of passionate love. Ever had a romantic night that ended up a disaster? Do Tell!

The Table: Valentine's Day Dinner

Brainstorm ideas for your evening. What kind of food or activity does your significant other like? Would it be better for you to cook or treat yourselves to a romantic restaurant? A night of dancing or a carriage ride in the park? Plan an activity that will be appreciated and unique.
Step2Have more than one act to your romantic evening. After you see a show, enjoy a special dessert at a favorite restaurant. After dinner, have a limo waiting to transport you to a lovers' rendezvous. With each additional act of your evening, your lover will be more impressed and enamored.

Personalize everything you can. If there is a particular meal that is meaningful to your relationship, make it. If there is a special song, play it or sing it. If there’s a special place, visit it.

Steal. Love songs, love poems and romantic movies are there for the taking. The less eloquent among us are better off using others’ words when our own fail or feel inadequate.

End with a bang. Save your biggest and most romantic gesture for the very last part of the night. The evening should rise in a crescendo, building with each stage to the final grand climax.

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