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Although, the picture doesn't give you a visual (which I did on purpose) I chose this article for you to use your imagination. Why? Because that is what many relationships lack or how Sponge Bob says Immmmaginnnation...It's important whether man or woman to continue to perform and spoil your mate throughout the relationship as you did when you first captured their heart. It's been said that when you get married your well runs dry. Why? Well I figure bills,children and other responsibilities keep you occupied. But kick back and relax! Get your groove back!! Enjoy!
Your partner slouches down in a comfy but sturdy chair, his legs slightly spread. You straddle his lap as you face him, your knees bent and open against his chest, your feet braced against the seat of the chair. While your guy grips your hips, thighs, or butt, you clutch the back of the chair and begin moving up and down along his shaft.

With your knees bent and your hands and feet using the chair as a springboard, it's the bounciest nooky style ever — perfect for teasing your guy with fast up-and-down action, then shifting gears and going for wide circular motions. Plus, your bodies are close enough for the intimacy of kissing, touching, or just giving each other incredibly lusty looks.
The slicker, the better as you ride this wanton wave. Before you start bonking his buoy, grab a little extra lube to keep things extra wet. Heat things up more by putting your motion lotion on each other — the feel of your hands sliding against his most sensitive spots will definitely get him in the mood.

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