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What is it about Adult Swingers?

Friday, December 5, 2008 0 comments

Dodge Dart Swinger

So many relationships are challenged by infidelity, lack of emotions,lack of sex,lack of communication and at times conquered by a companion living a double life. Some say the heterosexual lifestyle is becoming "old fashioned". The need to try new things must challenged and taking risks are a turn on. My friend of six years just told me that she was attracted to women. She told me stories of how she sneaks off to have her temptations satisfied. She actually felt that she could not tell me after all these years for fear our friendship would parish. I was brought up not to judge anyone, accept people for who they are based on their character. But then the topic of trying swinging parties with her husband or either find another man that would go with her surfaced. First off..I stated.."You need to figure out whats going on with your marriage." "Is there something wrong with your sex life?" "Does he not do or say anything romantic to you" Her answer was no to all three. Not shocking at all, many men are liberal. Clearly, her problem was that she had a appetite that needed to be fed. To the point that she was going to many lengths to satisfy it. If swinger parties or alternative lifestyle is your thing...why not? In your life you surround yourself in social circles that are accepting..that's love and respect...two key factors of life. But, is it right to keep your companion in the dark? Of course's out right dangerous! My suggestion to you is be honest about the choices you make. It's more than you that will be affected by your decisions...
Although, if you and your partner are interested in this alternative lifestyle, join others and share your ideas,questions and thoughts...

Some people see swinger lifestyles as the best means to add variety to an otherwise stagnant relationship. Swingers come from all walks of life, be it rich or poor, and of all sexual orientations and levels of education. Many people see this type of free sex as a degenerate party lifestyle leading to the breakdown of society and the spread of STDs. While it is easy to agree with this stance on the surface, it can just as easily be argued to the opposite, in that responsible swinging increases marital fidelity with a greater degree of safety. After all, both husband and wife know who the other is sleeping with, rather than in cheating blindly, where it is a secret. If everything is free and open this way and both parties are consenting, at least there is no fear or question for the individual as to where the better half is spending his or her nights. It may also be argued that swingers have a greater sense of understanding, security, and self-esteem in their marriage.

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