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For Ladies Only: Can’t Reach Orgasm? Here’s A Secret…

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 0 comments

It’s estimated that about 10% of women have never experienced the joys of
reaching a climax. And it doesn’t matter what type of ‘lovemaking’ they engage
in. Whether it’s with a partner or via masturbation, some women simply cannot
seem to find the road to the Big O.

This has led countless women to seek sex counseling and in my practice, I’ve
had the opportunity to share what some ’secrets’ that have helped countless
women get out of that 10% statistic.

The secret is actually all about tension and relaxation. It may sound like an
oxymoron now but read on below to know more!
The Road To Climax Tip #1: Tense Those Muscles

On one hand, you can’t help but tense up during intercourse right? After all,
all that stimulation gets the blood flowing, which in turn heightens sexual
arousal. The problem is some women tend to relax the muscles or tissues that
contract while making love. Why?

For one, some women tend to be passive in bed. But let me assure you the days
of ‘lying there and receiving it’ are over. If you want an orgasm, you better
get up there and participate! And yes, tense your muscles while you’re at

For example, while in the woman on top position, squeeze your pubococcygeus
muscles (PC muscles). These are the same muscles you use when you try to stop
the flow of your pee. By contracting these muscles, not only are you giving
your man pleasure by gripping his penis, you are also increasing the friction
between your genitals, thereby increasing sexual pleasure (which is supposed to
push to you a wonderful climax).
The Road To Climax Tip #2: Relax Your Mind

The relaxation part comes in the form of letting go of your thoughts. We women
can be so BUSY up there! Seriously, do you really have to make a mental note
that you need to pick up something from the dry cleaners tomorrow while riding
him now?!?

So free your mind, relax, and just let the erotic pleasures that sex bring you
wash over you.

If relaxing is hard for you, take cue from the silent radio technique that’s
employed a lot in area where people have to fall in line. Notice that
electronic billboard that shows snippets of news from left to right? It draws
your attention to it doesn’t it?

So, next time you make love, plaster that electronic billboard in your mind
with sentences like “omg… his penis is REALLY hitting it now!” or “here it
comes, here it comes, here it comes!”. By focusing your thoughts on the
pleasures that are ravaging over your body, you’ll hopefully be able to finally
experience a climax.

Remember, to reach the Big O, tense your muscles but relax your mind. Doesn’t
sound like an oxymoron at all, does it?

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