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How to Attract Women: Seven Great Ways to Flirt with Women

Monday, August 3, 2009 0 comments

Girls are more inclined to give off, and notice, body signals than guys, and
are ALWAYS looking for signs from us guys, as well. Guys ask me what we men
should do for body language, so this column will give you the answers.

You have to remember that whatever you say, however you gesture your hands,
arms, head, and eyes, women are NOT taking your movements at face value. If she
jokes with you and you lightly push her away as if to say "Stop", she's taking
that simple gesture as something more: interest, dis-interest, enjoyment,
annoyance?any of a million different signals. She's reading it for further
suggestions as to what kind of guy you are, and what your interest in her is.
Know that with body language, girls are always reading the way you move and

Here are my "Lucky Seven" best ways to show interest:

The confident eye gaze
The "Dale Head Drop"
Open body language
Lean in to her
Thumbs in belt
Touch her

Let's look at each in more detail:

1. The confident eye gaze

This is how you start your interest. Nothing shows confidence off the bat like
meeting a girl's eyes, and KEEPING YOUR STARE. If you see her look down and
smile, you know you've made it and the time to approach is now. If she looks
away from you but doesn't smile, give her a shot nonetheless; just the fact
that she met your eyes for a second or two shows interest.

2. The Dale Head Drop

So named after the guy who mastered the art of getting women rushing to his
side, just with a simple shrug! If you really want to blow away a girl?and show
some balls?meet a girl's eyes, then knowingly drop your head to the side, as if
to say, "Hey, you know you want me. Come over here and get me!" I've found this
to work incredibly well in foreign countries. In the States, the girls tend to
be able to see through it a bit more?but it still works!

3. Smile!

It's often overlooked, but nothing communicates happiness, confidence, and
interest in a girl all in one like a nice big smile. Show the girl you're in
control, show her you're confident, show her you're a fun guy to be around:
brighten the place up with a big smile! And if your teeth need work, then get
them fixed! It's good not just for your chances of meeting a girl, but also for
your health and appearance!

4. Open Body Language

So many guys walk or sit with their arms crossed, their legs close together,
and their faces anxious and flat. Stop that! Welcome a girl into your world:
Have your arms open and leaned back, your legs open and relaxed, your face warm
and inviting. You'll not only attract yourself into a girl's world, but also
into the world of people at a party, club, or bar who can help you meet a
future girlfriend?or even wife!

5. Lean in to her

As you're talking to a girl, especially while seated, show her your interest
with confidence by leaning in closer. You don't want to be a creep, of course,
but you can generally tell by a girl's body language and talk how interested
she is in you. If things are looking good, show her your control of the
situation?and interest in her?by leaning in and generally getting closer to
her. Leaning back does the opposite; it shows you're unconfident and not overly
interested. Not what you want to communicate.

6. Thumbs in belt

Ever put your thumbs in your belt, with your hands at your hips' side? This is
processed as a sign of being confident in one's sexuality and size. So if
you're standing around at a bar or club and want to convey confidence, this
will certainly be understood by girls!

7. Touch her!

Yup, nothing gets you closer to a girl than physical touch. Great conversations
and emotional/spiritual chemistry are great, but if you really want to take it
to the next level, you'll have to eventually show some balls and touch her. I'm
not talking about grabbing her and making out (unless it really is going that
well and she's flirting out of control!), but doing little things: brushing
your arm by her shoulders, lightly massaging her, leading her by the arm to
another location in the place. By making a physical connection, you're giving
her a sign loud and clear that you're confident in yourself and interested in


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