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Superb Thrusting Technique

Monday, August 3, 2009 0 comments

"A superb thrusting technique that brings great pleasure to a woman and helps a
man to last is a combination of deep and shallow thrusts. By shallow thrusts we
mean your penis only enters 11/2 to 2 inches inside your partner. This first
couple of inches is the most sensitive part of a woman's vagina. Deep thrusts
mean your penis enters as fully as you can.

In this technique you combine a series of nine fairly quick shallow thrusts
with one slow deep one. The shallow thrusts stimulate your partner's most
sensitive vaginal tissues and at the same time create a vacuum effect that
makes her ache for the deep thrust to come. And because most of your thrusts
are shallow ones, exciting only the first few inches of your penis, you're able
to rock on for much longer!

With your attention fully engaged in this way - on your partner, your breath,
your genital muscles — you are going to last a long time. As your lovemaking
goes on, and on, and on… perhaps for hours, the energy within you and between
you and your lover will accumulate to such an intense level that you may
spontaneously experience the opening of your higher "spiritual" centers. With
this opening comes an experience of ecstasy, bliss, joy, and wonder. This is
where mastery of ejaculation can lead you and your satisfied partner."

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