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040721 MAP Atlanta - Sixflags 051

Ms.Divine's childhood flashback:
Going to Six Flags is more than just a experience. Eating a healthy breakfast packing lunch and off we go! 75South we finally enter the gates of our voyage. The first roller coaster I attempt is the Georgia Cyclone. The twists and turns make your hairs stand on end. Then before you know it your picture is taken as your screaming beyond belief to the sudden drop of 20ft at a racing 35miles per hour! I try several rides before the sun starts beaming. I loved the professional staff and admire the courage of daffy duck walking around shaking hands in this blazing heat. It's 12 o'clock and its now time for lunch then water rides. I sit under a umbrella sheilding me from the rays of sun. Varieties of games and concession stands are very tempting. My children are pulling me in evvery direction I can barely finish my lunch. We decide to get our individual pictures spray painted in crazy cartoon form. Thunder River is my favorite! You relax and drift down the river and it you are lucky enough, dodge the waterfall. Well, as always I am never that lucky. Therefore, why not get even more soaked on all time favorite Splash Water Falls. After riding three more roller coasters is The Superman, Mind Binder and The Batman that I personally rate 10+ it was time for Six Flags world famous Funnel Cakes! Whew! Perfect way to Totally forget about a diet with no regrets! Six Flags has many rides for the whole family even smaller children. That is always a plus, because either way you do not want to become bored. Make Six flags your first family stop for the summer!

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