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Underground Atlanta

Thursday, July 3, 2008 0 comments

As you enter the Underground your eyes capture the setting of various booths ranging from personalized shirts to face painting, even having your palm read. My all favorite chocolate eatery makes you fall victim to its unbeatable treats. If you are a shoe lover as I am, just a couple steps and you see Foot Locker and and other authentic apparell shopes. The Food Court is the main attraction of course, New Orleans fame -- serving up authentic caf au lait and beignets. The Old Alabama Eatery Food Court has a good selection of ethnic and fast food. Some bars and restaurants open onto Kennys Alley, which is also the site of various celebrations and holiday events. You can enjoy fine Italian food at Lombardis and good American fare at Mick's. Enjoying the live music is always a plus. Varieties of cultures blend and enjoy their choice of cuisine.

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