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Has this happened to you!!???

Sunday, July 5, 2009 0 comments

By: Spiice Member
Ok me and this guy have been talking for quite a few months and we just haven't had the time to hook up. At some point we got even closer and made advances to each other over the phone. He would tell me how he would lick this ..lick me like this...blah blah...He is really a turn on and his voice is a base line! Nevertheless, I'm not the one to go crazy when a man or woman for that matter boasts about what they can or can't do...I'm the show and prove type.So this past Saturday, we were finally able to make plans and hook up. I arrived at his house and we ate out..and got a little more comfortable...Faaaaaaaast Forwwwwwward..(right?) Ok lol So we had a couple a drinks and before the liquor could hit our liver we were at each other throats...Now problem #1 He doesn't like head ..doesn't turn him on the least so he has warned me...(I have a fetish)Problem#2 I have a hard time (busting) You gota dig to get the gold I always sayProblem#3 He has the same problem so he has warned meOk So I never had intentions on giving him head, so I let him go down on me for 45mins...(Nothing)It was that kind of rushed but more like let me hit every spot I can...(but to the point it wasn't pleasurable b/c I knew you were trying to hard....still my body had no reactionProblem#4 After all this eating I gave up on trying to cum and slapped on a condom and said come get this and proceeded to the doggy style position....ha!!! This dude wanted me to ride....Ok so I did but Problem#5 He laid there like a board no emotion no nothing...soft music playing and your looking like your thinking of what Cash 3 numbers your going to play tomorrow! WTF!! (he had been drinking long before I got there) So for about 10 mins I gave up riding cuz my body wasn't feeling that anymore....So I decided to take the condom off and clean him up then gave him some head and wake this man up Problem#6 AGAIN! He looks like he's thinking of what bills he gota pay this week....Laid there stiff as a board!!! So I slobbed him up and said cum get it...Ha! Ha! He says he tired and wants me to get back on top...Boo!! I got up and got me a glass of water...Ooooooooh Nowwwwwwwww he's concerned of why neither of us aren't making any noise????Next Morning: We try this again...Eat...Slurp...Hey ma get on top as he grabs his cock and swings it around...Ha! I will not! I got up and took a shower....That indeed was no reflection of me, I have NEVER ...EVER had that happen to me before and I can honestly engrave that in stone as the WORST EVER!!

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