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OMG~Thats all I can say for this

Sunday, July 5, 2009 0 comments

Ok Wow..ummm...Clearly this woman has had some bad situations and I feeeeeeeeel her! There are so many "men" AND "women" that feel that they are the ultimate TKO in the bedroom. In the beginning you really do not know what all is good or bad..its all experimental. When you learn to understand your body and what pleases fall into this tolerence...I'm going to slap the taste out your mouth if you don't get it together! The phone situation..hell I've done that...I even reached over and grabbed the remote and turned to a comedy show just to prove my Ok I know your saying Damn Dee!! Wellllll I'm sorry. #1 I don't brag..and I don't feel that it's necessary to do so...because not everyone likes the same things.

For example: Eating p***y
Some women (like on porn videos) like the flick of the drives them wild...There is no way I can get satisfaction out of that... Some of us want the suction and juices running down and get a lil ass play...Some don't like ass play...

But, is this the reason why their is more lesbians coming out?
WOW thats something to think about???
Ladies and Gents..weigh in...

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