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How many truly know what a orgasm feels like?

Sunday, July 5, 2009 0 comments

I was talking with my girlfriend yesterday and somehow the topic of orgasm came up. She said she has met many women that don't know what a orgasm feels like. I once saw this study on t.v that true enough ...many women would love to experience it. It was a 40 year old women that was interested in the study...they had her strapped to this bed they jolted her a few times with the "O-juice" Next thing you know she was sweating and licking her lips and her legs began to shake...That was some funny stuff...Well many women are not able to experience a "O" because of the way they are built...for example tilted uterus...So therefore it takes alot of mental as well as physical stimulation to even get girlfriend went on to say that she gets a "O" when she has anal and vaginal stimulation at the same time...But for a fact clitoral stimulation does it...and it's not just the 'flick" either...Many women like to recieve head just as men do...very wet and a decent amount of friction...So Spiices...How do you give a "O" or have you experienced a "O"

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