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Paraphilia.......Don't let it scare you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009 0 comments

By: Spiice Member

I recall when I was younger, i would do things that probably were not the brightest of things to do or could cause me some type of harm in the future. We have all done silly things as kids cause we knew no better. Even as a young adult I did things while throwing caution to the wind. I don't know how many times I would take a road trip and would make it a point to see how quick I could get from point A to B. Police???? Who cares??? LOL! Now I am older and I value my drivers license. Yes I still speed but in moderation. However, I still have things that I do just because of the thrill, excitement and pleasure that is brought. These things fall under the heading of Paraphilia.

Have you ever been in public with your spouse, significant or BFF and they aroused you to the point where you had to have them no matter what???!! The desire was so great that you could not wait to get home to take part in their essence? Maybe you were on a road trip or just driving and had to pull over? Perhaps you were at work and the thought of them made you call them and say, "come meet me". Maybe, the two of you planned to do something different or wild just to spice the life up. I have been there and each time was great in it's own way!

How about head in a car with tinted windows while sitting in rush hour traffic? Sex on a picnic table in a park in the rain? On a blanket in the middle of the park? Various office parking lots? New homes that have not been completed as of yet. A nice touch session in the movies? How about (and I dont suggest everyone try this) but being ridden in a car while driving? All of these give a great rush and tend to leave the most lasting of memories. If you think you can get away with it, I would suggest trying at least one of these if not all except maybe the driving.

Anyone else out there have suggestions or maybe a story to tell of their wildest of adventures? For the sake of time, I didnt go into detail of mine but will be happy to discuss any of them in detail. LOL!

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