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What do you consider a "Nasty Gurl"

Sunday, July 5, 2009 0 comments

Do you consider yourself a "Nasty gurl"?? What do you consider to be a "Nasty Gurl" My perception of a Nasty Gurl isn't just the act itself. I consider nasty to be the "connection" that is shared between both parties of whomever involved. Slobbin him down...while staring in his eyes...working the lips just right so he can enjoy every angle of the blow job...getting that wood wet...playing around with it with your tounge...Maybe he wants a slight grip around his neck?? Maybe he likes to be rode backwards and you look back and talk shit at the same It's more to it but I would like your view on the "Nasty Gurl" can any ladies admit that they are one? I am and proud of it! lol

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