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Couple's intimacy issues

Sunday, August 2, 2009 0 comments

Couples start their relationships with such optimism and pleasure. Endless
lovemaking, kissing and laughing.

How can something so wonderful go so bad?

Your selection process for a mate is age old, and if all your senses are
working correctly the match should be unbeatable right?

Not so today.

For instance, one way we choose our lovers is by smell.
We are an over deodorized society and we have a very small but relationship
deadly thing happening to us daily.

The birth control pill.

Women are attracted to an opposite immune system than they have, for the sole
purpose of procreation. It over rides her logic, so even if she doesn't want
babies, her nose is still making her mate choices.

Off the pill a woman will pick a man that smells right ( opposite immunity) she
will want to wear the shirt he wore yesterday, sleep in his bed, revel in his
smell. Chemically this couple is set up for passion.

Being on the pill mimics pregnancy and when pregnant, a woman wants to be with
her tribe ( same immune system)

So, she will most likely, pick a man that smells like her brother.... once off
the pill or finished with pregnancy she will dislike how he smells and that can
put a screeching halt to desire.

This is just one of the many things that couples face today.

Tantra couples learn to avoid all the common pitfalls of typical relationship
and sexual issues By getting educated and empowered.

If you are having great sex, see me today to ensure you will still be doing
that 5 years from now, 15 years from now. Get educated together and make sure
you avoid the sexual pitfalls of 50 percent of all relationship out there.

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