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Sex Diet FAQs

Sunday, August 2, 2009 0 comments

This page is going to attempt to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about
Sex Diets. Since "Sex Diet" is a relatively new term, many misconceptions

What is a Sex Diet?

A Sex Diet is a program which relies on the benefits of love, sex, and intimacy
to promote good health. When done properly, sex has been shown to help many
people with weightloss, fitness, depression issues, cardiac health, etc.

What is a Sex Diet NOT?

A Sex Diet is NOT a "diet" based on depriving your body of certain foods. It is
NOT meant to be undertaken with multiple partners (the benefits of sex are
shown to be maximized in monogamous relationships. Using non-monogamous
relationships for a Sex Diet can actually be detrimental).

I have a lack of sex drive. How can a Sex Diet help me?

A lack of sex drive can be caused by a variety of factors (including certain
medications). One cause is a low testosterone level (this applies to both men
and women). If this is the case, a Sex Diet can actually HELP your problem, as
certain types of foreplay (i.e. LOVING Pillow Fights, Wrestling, etc.) can
actually INCREASE your body's testosterone production. Also, if you have
emotional and/or psychological issues, I would highly recommend seeing a
psychologist or psychiatrist, and reading The Ultimate Sex Diet by Kerry
McCloskey as I think she deals with this topic well.

There are so many "fad diets". Is this another one?

Nope. Sex Dieting is becoming a hot topic in the medical community (amongst
sexologists, reproductive health specialists, etc.) Sex Diets do not involve
purchasing any "milkshakes" or nasty tasting "low-carb bars". I would, however,
encourage you to buy The Ultimate Sex Diet, as it's probably the most
comprehensive book on the topic and gives many suggestions that I've found
invaluable, including exercise and aphrodesiacs to help you build a program.
She also helps you come up with the right attitude to approach your sex

Why did you start this page?

After I read The Ultimate Sex Diet (can I just say USD now??), I started the
program that was outlined in the book. I've wasted SOOOOOOOOO much money on so
many diets it makes me want to cry, but I've actually dropped two sizes and my
relationship's been elevated to a whole new level of whirlwind romance. I
couldn't find any other pages strictly devoted to the topic so I thought I'd
start one. If I ever figure out how, I might get a messageboard posted on

The Sex Diet Goddess on the cover of her book

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