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The C-Spot and G-Spot Orgasm Cocktail

Sunday, August 2, 2009 0 comments

Women have two main sex zones: the clitoris and the g-spot or the Grafenberg
spot. Most women come via clitoral stimulation. Not really surprising as it’s
the one more accessible between the two. And if you’ve ever had a g-spot orgasm
then you KNOW how earth-shattering THAT can be.

So why not aim for higher sexual heights with a ‘blended orgasm’?
What’s a Blended Orgasm?

As the name suggests, a blended orgasm is one where you climax via your
clitoris (c-spot) AND Grafenberg spot (g-spot). As these pleasure zones are
located in different places, the orgasm that you feel from one largely differs
from the other. As a result, if you can stimulate both and climax from both
simultaneously, then you can say you’ve hit the mother load of climaxes!
The Blended O… Solo

Before you run off to tell your man that you want a blended orgasm, take some
time to figure out how to do this first on your own. This way, you can guide
him better and can remove any possible awkwardness or frustration later
together in bed.

The best way to try this is to close the curtains (or dim the lights), play
some soft music, and then lie down. When you feel relaxed, start to stimulate
your clitoris. No rush, just take your time.

When you’re finally wet and really aroused, leave off your c-spot for a while
and go seek your g-spot. Insert your index finger inside and try to feel
alongside the front wall of your vagina for a slightly rough and engorged nub.
In general, you g-spot should feel like the upper side of your mouth. Don’t
worry; when you’re close the g-spot you will definitely feel it because waves
of arousal will hit you.

Note that as you stimulate your g-spot, you may feel this sudden urge urinate.
Oftentimes, this is when things go wrong because women, thinking that they’ll
embarrass themselves by peeing, will start to tense up and demand for the
stimulation to stop. On the contrary, just keep on going and this feeling will
soon come to pass.

Now as you feel yourself nearing your g-spot climax, use your other hand (or if
your fingers are long enough and you can angle your hand properly, use the
thumb on the same hand you’re suing to stimulate your g-spot) to go back and
titillate your clitoris.

All I can say at this point is get ready for tremendous tremors to rock your
The Blended O… In Tandem

Now that you know how to bring yourself to a combi-orgasm, it’s time to bring
your lover into the equation.

Lie down as comfortably as you can on the bed and ask your men to prop your
hips with a small pillow. (This is to elevate your groin.) To warm you - and
him - up, ask for some oral loving.

When you’re all hot and wet, tell him now’s the time to enter. As he thrusts,
his penis should hit the gspot (thanks to your slightly elevated position). If
this is not the case, then tilt your hips higher. If it helps, tell him to
‘drag’ you to the edge of the bed so that he’s standing as he thrusts. Continue
until you’re just about to burst from a g-spot climax.
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