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How To Give Your Woman The Kind of Orgasm SHE Wants

Sunday, August 2, 2009 0 comments

Ok, after spending a good amount of time on foreplay, your woman is finally
highly aroused. You decide that now is the time to get physical with her.

So, all you need to do is get into your favorite sex position and pound away.
Before you know it, your woman will be achieving some “Earth-Shaking” orgasms,

Well, if you are happy to live in “Never Never” land, then go for it.

There is a lot more to intercourse than a few fancy sex positions and thrusting
like a sledge hammer. Unfortunately, most men do not realize this, thus leaving
themselves wondering why many women find it difficult to achieve any type of
orgasm through intercourse.

Though it is never a good idea to approach sex as if it were a science project,
it is important to understand that a little bit of logic can go a long
The Big “O” Decision

First you have to decide what orgasm you would like to help your woman achieve.
Do you want to give her a g-spot, a-spot or clitoral orgasm?

In order to make the correct decision, you have to take the time to learn your
partner’s sexual likes and dislikes. Would she actually enjoy receiving a
g-spot orgasm? Some women find the feeling of g-spot stimulation to be a little
uncomfortable, painful, or just outright annoying. On the other hand, some
women see the g-spot as the ultimate form of ecstasy.

The a-spot also shares a love/hate relationship with many women. The reason for
this is that the a-spot is situated between the cervix and the bladder. If
stimulated correctly, some women can achieve very powerful orgasms. However,
most women don’t enjoy having a penis pounding on their cervix wall, as it can
be very painful.
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