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Targeting Her Pleasure Buttons:

Sunday, August 2, 2009 0 comments

From a man’s perspective, there are a lot of issues about sex which may bring
you insecurities especially if you’re not so confident about your skills as a
lover. Did she reach orgasm when during your first time together or was she
faking it? When she has one of those ‘girl talks’ with her friends, do you
think that she raves about your skills in bed or does she portray you as a
lousy lover?

In order for you not to feel any insecurity in this department, the best that
you can do is develop your skills as a lover. Remember to always be sensitive
to a woman’s sexual needs, always take her pleasure into account instead of
always looking for your own pleasure, take your time and learn new sexual
tricks every now and then. This way, your wife or girlfriend will feel
satisfied about the way that your sex life is going.
A Woman’s Pleasure Buttons: Differentiating the G-Spot from the Clitoris

For men, the erogenous zone is pretty much concentrated on the area below his
waist and above his thighs. For women, however, there is a pretty wide area
which can be considered as her pleasure zones. The breasts, her thighs, her
waist, the back of her neck and even the not-so-erotic curves of her body can
bring her pleasure when stimulated. And of course, there’s the center of all
her pleasure zones which is her vagina.
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